Back in 1993 the legendary Newark based "Lords of The Underground" (LOTUG) released their first album titled "Here come the Lords". A few years later when I received my first pocket money I took my bicycle  and drove all the way to the next town to buy me some new tapes & CDs. While the shop owner was playing "Changes" by 2PAC i stumbled across the LOTUG album and asked him if I could pre-listen the album. I recognize it like yesterday that I only listened to the first few seconds of the first track and instantly bought the album. 

The longest 16 hours of my life started when I decided  listen to the full album again while doing some new sketches. Right after the album ended I started making some rough sketches for a LOTUG style and did some research on Newark in the 90ies, especially on their old subway cars which I also included in my work.

In the end I've spent 2 days drawing both pages of this book (594 x 420 mm)and inbetween I had to stop a few times because my right hand started hurting as f*. Those of you who draw will understand. Enjoy the video and photos below. DISO.