Here are some interesting links to Hamburg located artists or businesses i support (for free). Easily click on the name to go to the specific page. NOTICE: THE DISO is not responsible for content or links shown on these pages. If you don't feel comfortable to click on a specific link, please don't do it. If you are the owner of one of these pages and don't want to appear in the list, please contact me. 

delicious handcrafted korn

UI/UX design studio

rock band from hamburg

tattoo artist

Da Source
streetwear and graffiti supplies

DJ Frank 83

hip hop DJ and beat producer

Eine Stadt Wird Bunt

book project about graffiti history of Hamburg


streetwear and graffiti supplies

Kjell Wierig

freelance creative, UI designer

Moby And Friends

handmade stuffed animals

No Agency

web design, app design and online marketing

Under Pressure

streetwear and graffiti supplies

Yoga Gypsy

yoga classes and yoga/traveling blog